Wouldn’t you like to make your popups more effective so you get more leads and sales? One of the reasons some popups don’t work is because they interrupt visitors at the wrong time, alienating them forever.

OptinMonster’s Scroll Trigger helps you get visitors’ attention without being pushy, so you can boost conversions and generate more leads. It creates scroll triggered boxes for strategic placement on your website.

Scroll boxes are scientifically proven to reduce bounce rate and increase visitor retention, allowing both eCommerce retailers and publishers to benefit from better visitor engagement.

They help you get more value from your website while creating a great user experience for visitors.

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Scroll Trigger for Ecommerce

One way that eCommerce retailers lose sales is by asking for the sale too early. Unless shoppers are already committed, being too pushy can drive them away.

OptinMonster’s Scroll Trigger lets you present an offer to potential customers when they’ve demonstrated their interest by scrolling down the page. It’s a great alternative to a time-triggered campaign.

When you use Scroll Trigger to promote relevant offers to visitors who are already interested in your products, you can reduce abandonment while increasing sales.

Combine Scroll Trigger with our advanced Page-Level Targeting rules to highlight products related to the page your visitor is on.

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Scroll Trigger for Publishers

Are you making the most of the content on your site to reduce your bounce rate and encourage more visitors to subscribe to your email list?

With email marketing a key revenue driver for publishers, it’s essential to make your visitors motivated to subscribe, without annoying them by asking too soon.

Scroll Trigger helps you get visitors’ attention when they’ve shown they’re interested. Once visitors scroll down the page, it’s a great time to show them more content related to what they’re already reading.

With scroll triggered boxes, you can also attract more readers without covering the content they’re looking at, and encourage them to move deeper and deeper into your site.

Use Scroll Trigger with Onsite Follow Up and our signature Exit-Intent Technology to keep your email subscriber list healthy and growing.

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