Did you know that over 616 million devices are blocking ads with AdBlock or similar software? Use of ad blockers increased 30% in the last year, and 11% of all web users now use AdBlock or other ad blocking software.

If you’re a content publisher or a small business, ad blockers are costing you money.

OptinMonster can help you bypass AdBlock, AdBlock Plus, and other ad blockers, and recover the income that’s going down the drain.

OptinMonster’s smart AdBlock Detection feature protects revenue for publishers and small businesses by making it easy to deliver a targeted message to AdBlock users.

Unlike most lead-generation software, OptinMonster isn’t affected by adblockers, so your message will get through every time.

AdBlock Detection for Publishers

Most content sites rely on income from advertising to make money, either directly via affiliate income, or from ad publishers based on impressions.

In both cases, ad blockers hurt you. If people don’t see your ads, they can’t click on them, which means fewer impressions and a LOT less revenue. Research shows adblockers cost ad-supported sites $20 billion or more a year, and that’s increasing each year.

With OptinMonster’s smart AdBlock Detection, you can politely ask visitors to whitelist your site if they’re using an ad blocker, so that you can recover that lost revenue.

Trust us, they won’t mind. Around 77% of people will turn off ad blockers if you ask, because they only want to block the really intrusive ads.

AdBlock Detection for Small Businesses

If you’re a small business, then building your email list is crucial for your growth.

The problem is that most optin forms and lead generation tools are blocked by ad blockers.

Instead of seeing your campaigns, users usually see a blank spot or nothing loads at all. Not only is that a terrible user experience, but it directly affects your email list growth and sales.

OptinMonster’s smart AdBlock Detection technology will let you bypass AdBlock and AdBlock Plus, so you can convert more abandoning visitors into subscribers and customers.

If you’re using OptinMonster to grow your list, then you don’t need to worry, because adblockers don’t affect it.

However if you want your visitors to see your other promotions and banner ads, then you can use our smart AdBlock Detection technology to display a polite notice asking visitors to disable their adblocker or whitelist your site.

This will load before any of your other campaigns, so you don’t miss a single opportunity to generate more leads.

It’s the best way to protect your income and continue growing your email list.

Ready to recover revenue from AdBlock users? Get started with OptinMonster today.