If you could pick up 26% more conversions today without changing your sales processes, without creating new lead magnets, and without adding additional traffic, would you do it? In this case study, we’ll share how Lead Guru did it using OptinMonster.

Meet Lead Guru

Lead Guru is a digital marketing agency that helps businesses increase revenue through online lead and sale generation. They go beyond single ad campaigns and build comprehensive lead generation systems that consistently generate fantastic results.

Ben Heath from Lead Guru talked with us about the one simple change they made that exploded conversions.

Lead Guru converted 86 percent of visitors using MonsterLinks.

How Lead Guru Uses OptinMonster

Lead Guru’s goal for using OptinMonster was to increase the opt-in rate for a marketing case study video they’re using as a lead magnet.

A lead magnet is a valuable piece of information offered in exchange for a prospect’s email address.

That lead magnet helps fill their email list with warm leads. More importantly, it exposes more prospects to the unique methodology they use to drive results for clients.

Before using OptinMonster, the landing page for the case study video included a static optin form directly on the landing page.

It converted around 55% of visitors.

Using OptinMonster, they replaced the form with a MonsterLink. A MonsterLink triggers a lightbox optin with the click of a button, text or image within the content. You can see an example of the MonsterLink below:

Lead Guru converted 86 percent of visitors using MonsterLinks.

MonsterLinks convert well because of a psychology principle called the Zeigarnik Effect. It proposes that humans don’t like to leave things undone; that we try our best to finish what we start.

When a visitor starts the action of subscribing by clicking the MonsterLink, they naturally want to finish what they started by then completing the subscription form.

The Zeigarnik Effect seems to be working for Lead Guru.

This MonsterLink converts 81.8% of visitors who click the button.

That’s a dramatic 26% difference in conversions.


Lead Guru sent conversions of an already successful campaign through the roof when they switched from using a static form to a MonsterLink:

  • Lead Guru increased conversions 26% using a MonsterLink.
  • Lead Guru converted 81.8% of visitors who clicked the MonsterLink.


Using a lightbox popup instead of a static optin form increased conversion rates and reduced Lead Guru’s cost per email subscriber.

OptinMonster is very intuitive and easy to set up. Using it to capture emails has increased our landing page conversion rates by almost 26% which is fantastic. We’re also using their exit intent pop up which is doing a great job of converting organic traffic into leads.
Ben Heath, Lead Guru