Announcing a Leadership Restructure to Take OptinMonster to the Next Level

Today we have some exciting news for you about a behind-the-scenes update we want to share with you all.

From the beginning here at OptinMonster, we’ve had a big vision: to empower you to succeed by building superior growth tools for your business.

Since OptinMonster was first launched in 2013, we’ve come a long way. The OptinMonster team now has 20+ members and just keeps growing. And while our focus is on empowering small businesses to succeed and grow, we’ve also welcomed many Fortune 500 companies and household name brands into the OptinMonster family.

As any small business owner knows, with growth comes a lot of change.

We’ve recognized the need to be flexible in our structure, so that we can continue to best use the strengths of all our individual team members and create a strong foundation for our future growth.

Without further ado…

Introducing OptinMonster’s New President

Since OptinMonster was co-founded in 2013 by Syed Balkhi and Thomas Griffin, we’ve grown with Syed at the helm as CEO, and Thomas executing the technical details as CTO of OptinMonster.

Now in 2018 (5 years later!), we recognized the need for Thomas to take a more central role in leading OptinMonster as our new president. Thomas has a passion for helping people succeed by building products that are simple to use and produce real, tangible results. He has a history of leading productive teams across a variety of different verticals and is excited to dedicate his skills fully to OptinMonster. Thomas believes the best is yet to come with OptinMonster, including some exciting new additions that are already in the works!

Syed will continue to serve as CEO of Awesome Motive.

With this restructuring, we’re excited to begin laying the groundwork for future growth, continuing to lead OptinMonster as the best conversion optimization software that is dedicated to your success. Thank you for your continued support!

About OptinMonster

Over the years, we found that many businesses struggle to collect emails simply because the tools aren’t easy to use and are far too expensive. So we started with a simple goal: build powerful enterprise-level technology to help businesses grow their customer base and revenue.

Since our launch in 2013, we have been improving conversions for small independent businesses to Fortune 500 companies. Over a billion people see a website with OptinMonster on it every month. Our customers are seeing huge increases in their subscriber growth and overall sales.

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