Complete Access Control

Our sub-accounts feature allows you to share OptinMonster dashboard access with your co-workers, 3rd-party consultants, and clients while managing permissions.

Managing lead generation and conversion optimization can be a complex dance, especially when multiple teams or clients are involved. OptinMonster’s subaccounts feature steps in to transform this juggling act into a smooth collaboration. It allows you to create secure, permission-based access for your team members, agencies, or even clients. Imagine handing over campaign ownership for a specific brand while keeping a watchful eye on overall strategy. Subaccounts empower this by letting you delegate tasks without sacrificing control.

The magic lies in customizable user roles. You can define exactly what each collaborator can do within your OptinMonster account. Need an analyst to track campaign performance but not edit designs? Assign a “View Only” role. Have a designer who focuses on a particular client’s campaigns? Create a role that allows them to create and edit campaigns solely for that client’s domain. This granular control ensures everyone stays focused on their area of expertise, streamlining workflows and boosting productivity.

Subaccounts not only promote efficiency but also enhance security. Gone are the days of sharing your main login credentials. Each subaccount user has their own login, preventing unauthorized access to sensitive campaign data or settings. This fosters a secure environment where each team member can contribute confidently, knowing their work is protected. With clear permissions and centralized control, OptinMonster subaccounts become the backbone for seamless collaboration in your lead generation efforts.

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Michael Stelzner

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Michael Hyatt

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Neil Patel

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