Introducing “Spin-to-Win” Coupon Wheel Optins For Incredible Conversions

Spinning wheels, crushing candies, popping bubbles – games are hard to resist and they make us feel good.

That’s what makes gamified optins so powerful.

How powerful? Gamified optins have been known to turn 2-3% conversions rates into conversions rates of 30% or more.

These types of optins are all about psychology and emotion, just like the games they mimic. Here’s why gamified campaigns are so successful:

  • Users Are in Charge: Interactive campaigns put the user in control, so they’re more motivated to engage and convert.
  • They’re Motivated by a Sense of Achievement: Users play games to feel the sense of accomplishment that comes from winning.
  • It’s Fun and Exciting! From a user’s point of view, spinning a wheel with the possibility of winning something is irresistible!

Now you know why we’re so excited about our newest feature, the Coupon Wheel:

spin to win wheel template for gamified optin campaign

Our spin-to-win discount wheel is what happens when you cross the fun of a game show with the lead generating magic of an optin form. The wheel itself can be covered in custom prizes to be won: discounts, content upgrades, lead magnets, free shipping, or whatever else makes sense for your brand.

Fully Customizable Campaigns

The Coupon Wheel is a new element you can add to any Fullscreen campaign using OptinMonster’s easy drag-and-drop builder.

We’ve also released 3 beautiful ready-to-use templates, professionally designed and totally customizable.

all 3 wheel templates are fully customizable - change the color to whatever you want

The custom choices don’t stop at colors, though.

You can Edit Wheel Selections to edit each piece of the wheel, right down to how easy or hard it is to win it!

edit each wheel selection to set the odds of winning

5 Ways to Boost Business With Gamified Campaigns

Here are 5 ways you can use our Wheel template to increase leads, conversions, and sales:

1. Host a Site-Wide Sale Event

Set the display rules on your gamified campaign to appear after shoppers have visited 2 or more pages. This gives interested shoppers the chance to spin for a discount.

2. Capture Abandoning Shoppers

Add exit-intent to your gamified campaign to show the optin when shoppers attempt to abandon the shopping cart page. Giving abandoning shoppers the chance to spin for a discount can make all the difference between losing and making the sale.

3. Offer a Lead Magnet

Looking for a fun way to offer your latest lead magnet or content upgrade? Turning it into a game automatically makes it go from “Oh, I want that” to “I need that right now!”

4. Host a Giveaway

Use your gamified optin to give users a way to win entries into your latest giveaway.

5. Promote Free Trials and Demos

If you’re struggling to get users to sign up for free trials or demos of your product or service, try having them work for it to see greater success. ? It goes back to the psychology of it and the sense of achievement that goes along with winning a free trial or demo.

What will you do with this new optin?

Create your gamified campaign today with an OptinMonster Growth Planclick here to get started.

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