[Announcement] Increase Sales with OptinMonster’s Easy Digital Downloads Integration

The vast majority of businesses selling digital products or services online are leaving money on the table.

Potential sales that could double their revenue in a matter of weeks.

Money they have no clue about… hidden in plain sight.

They could tap into this additional income with close to zero investment, just by changing the way they are marketing their businesses, and by using the right tools.

That’s all it takes, and if you read this to the end, you’ll find out exactly where that potential revenue is… and how you can get it.

How to Market the Right Way

There are two main issues that keep repeating in the marketing strategies of so many businesses:

  1. Being too general in their approach
  2. Not communicating enough with their audience

Both of these are making it hard for prospects to take action and buy whatever you’re selling them.


Because you’re not building a strong enough relationship with them.

They don’t feel like you can give them what they need, or they don’t trust you enough to believe that you have the right solution for their problem.

Trust is built through open and honest communication. 

Proving that you have the right solution is done by sending personalized messages, showing them that you understand their situation.

This is what makes the difference between a marketing campaign that flops, and one that is incredibly successful.

And here’s how you can do that…

Use OptinMonster’s Easy Digital Downloads Integration to Instantly Increase Revenue

Easy Digital Downloads homepage

Easy Digital Downloads is probably the best plugin on the market for selling anything digital online.

It’s what the top digital sellers on WordPress use to run their online businesses.

If you’re not already using it… you should!

Because it’s so powerful, we decided to create a direct integration between OptinMonster and Easy Digital Downloads.

Using both of these tools will give you an unfair advantage in the market, because you’ll be able to advertise and connect with your audience in all kinds of unique ways.

This new integration brings a new set of display rules to your OptinMonster campaigns. More specifically, you’ll be able to show your campaigns:

  • If your visitor is viewing a specific product.
  • If your visitor has a specific number of items in their cart.
  • If your customer has purchased a specific product.
  • If your customer has not purchased a specific product.
  • Based on the total cost of the items in your visitor’s cart.
  • Based on the subtotal cost of the items in your visitor’s cart.
  • If your customer has previously purchased a specific number of products.
  • If your visitor has a specific coupon code applied in their cart.
  • If your visitor does not have a specific coupon code applied in their cart.

All these targeting options will help you create personalized campaigns that convert at a much higher rate.

And you’ll be able to increase your revenue on the backend, where most of the profit is made.

In simpler terms, you can sell more of the same (or different type of products) to your current customers. Customers you already acquired, so each sale that’s made after the initial purchase is going to increase your profit.

The more you do this, the less money you’ll leave on the table.

And if you do it from a place where you truly want to deliver additional value to your existing customers… you’ll never have to worry about going out of business, no matter the economy.

You’ll continue to thrive and profit.

All because you decided to personalize your messages and establish a relationship with your audience.

Does that sound good?

If it does, let us gift you a FREE personalized campaign to help you increase sales with Easy Digital Downloads.

Increase Sales by Claiming Your FREE Done-For-You Campaign ($297 value)

Shortly after you register for an OptinMonster account, our team will reach out with an offer to design one High-Converting Campaign for you.

If your goal is lead generation, we’ll make sure you get the best results possible right out of the gate!

Plus, you get a 14-day money-back guarantee with your account. There’s absolutely nothing for you to lose in this scenario.

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