The Definitive Answer to “How Often Should I Post?”

How often should you post to your blog, Twitter, Facebook, or your email newsletter? The definitive answer? It depends. It depends on so many different variables, and everyone’s got such vastly different opinions on the subject, there is no one real answer. The Target Changes First of all, the target changes constantly. Let’s say the ... Continue Reading →

How Google Inbox Improves Your Email Marketing

With Google’s new “Inbox”, you will find many worried marketers. The truth is that Google’s Inbox actually improves your email marketing, but just not in the way everyone else thinks. Yes, we have all heard the concerns about Inbox — I’ve even written an article a few months back and a guide on how OptinMonster users can ... Continue Reading →

How to Create Custom Surveys by Using OptinMonster

OptinMonster is leading the way in lead generation, especially in the WordPress environment. However, many people don’t realize the power that OptinMonster allows users to have with its Canvas Addon — you can create custom surveys to collect more information for leads, design decisions, and more! Collecting emails for lead generation is great and is highly encouraged ... Continue Reading →

6 Reasons You Need to Capture More Emails

You’ve probably heard it a thousand times: “Capture user emails to increase conversions.” Great. But what does increased conversions mean exactly? And why is it so important? Demystifying Conversions A conversion refers to any time a customer takes direct action. For example, when someone subscribes to your email list, that user has converted from a ... Continue Reading →

5 Benefits of Email Marketing for Bloggers

It’s not enough for bloggers to write a blog post and expect people to find it. The Internet certainly has never been a build-it-and-they-will-come place. You need to tell people when you’re posting new articles. Social sharing, which is an outstanding way to get the word out about your posts, still has its limitations. People ... Continue Reading →

Does OptinMonster Work on Mobile?

A common question is, “Does OptinMonster work on mobile?” Historically, our answer has been, “Yes, OptinMonster is now mobile responsive. To optimize the mobile experience, OptinMonster allows you to create a mobile-specific optin. You can access this new optin type only if you have a Pro License or higher.” What about those with a basic license or ... Continue Reading →