Are you looking for an easy to way to skyrocket email list growth without having to create additional resources? Or to ensure that you only attract qualified leads to your small business?

With OptinMonster’s Content Lock, publishers can boost email subscriber numbers and small businesses can maximize lead generation by using the content you’re ALREADY publishing.

OptinMonster content locking lets you block part of your content and make it available to subscribers only, encouraging more email signups and attracting high-quality leads.

OptinMonster’s Content Lock can help you improve lead quality by using gated content to attract qualified leads.

You can use content locking with any website content, to hide part of your content, until your visitor has opted in.

If you have a high-quality piece of content that’s a key part of your lead generation process, locking part of the content creates a trackable micro-conversion that helps you can figure out who’s really interested in your products and services, and who’s just browsing.

Even better, depending on which piece of content people want to unlock, you’ll know what offers to send them next. Since relevant offers are proven to win more business, this will improve revenue.

ContentLock can also help small businesses grow their email lists by using content locking to to boost content engagement, and to increase the perceived value of your content.