OptinMonster’s List Segmentation tools allow you to reduce abandonment and list churn by providing relevant and personalized experiences for your visitors and email subscribers.

There’s no doubt about it: list segmentation boosts engagement. That applies both onsite, where visitors are more likely to stick around for relevant content, and on your email list, where segmentation boosts open and click rates, and reduces unsubscribes and spam reports.
OptinMonster’s List Segmentation tools integrate with industry-leading CRM and email marketing software so you can personalize and optimize all your campaigns to get the best results.

Use List Segmentation with OptinMonster’s signature Exit-Intent Technology to ensure that the right groups of visitors and subscribers see the right offers at the right time.

Examples of eCommerce List Segmentation with OptinMonster include:
• Letting visitors self-segment by interest with Yes/No Forms
• Using Inactivity Sensor or our signature Exit-Intent Technology to show special offers to visitors who are unengaged or about to leave
• Segmenting your email list by location with OptinMonster’s timezone and Geo-Location Targeting so you can create location-specific offers
• Building a loyalty program by sending special emails to people who subscribe at checkout, as they are clearly interested in deals

Many of our small business customers use OptinMonster’s List Segmentation features to tag and manage their customers better in their chosen customer relationship management (CRM) software.

With this tool, you automatically send subscribers to the right group or apply the correct tag so you can target your marketing. That means you can group new subscribers by their needs and interests, and avoid sending irrelevant emails.