Email Deliverability Checklist to Boost Your Inbox Reach

Did you know that a whopping 21% of emails never make to the recipients’ mailboxes? And, we’re not talking about emails ending up in spam. Believe it or not, even though 455 billion spam emails are sent each day, that’s not even the biggest problem with email marketing campaigns.

We’re talking about emails that never even get that far.

Email providers like Gmail, Yahoo, and others are always finding new ways to keep spam out of their users’ inboxes. Whenever you send an email, they make sure it’s legit.

As spam keeps getting worse (and more clever), internet service providers and email service providers are tightening their restrictions. They’re starting to block many emails that previously would have been delivered without a problem. Sometimes they may end up in the spam folder, but just as often they never even get delivered at all.

By following this checklist of 14 email deliverability best practices, your emails will have a much better chance of making it to their intended audience. This means you’ll get more value from your investment in email marketing, making your marketing campaigns even more successful.

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