OptinMonster’s Page-Level Targeting feature solves that problem, by letting you use behavior personalization to create page-specific campaigns that generate more leads, attract more subscribers, and make more sales.
With Page-Level Targeting, you can segment your email list and group subscribers based on their interests and interaction with your website.

Segmentation allows you to send relevant emails to your subscribers which results in higher open rates, higher clickthrough rates, increased sales, greater revenue, greater customer retention, and lower unsubscribe rates.
Combine Page-Level Targeting with OptinMonster’s other advanced Display Rules for even more ways to create highly-targeted campaigns. Market to your customers in style by using OptinMonster’s extensive template library to easily create winning offers and promotions for every section of your website. And if you want more control, you can build unique campaigns with our Canvas technology.

One way eCommerce retailers use Page-Level Targeting is to segment new and repeat visitors to show them different offers. You can also use this feature to show certain offers only on your highest-value or highest-converting pages, such as the pages customers usually visit before they buy.
Page-Level Targeting can help boost revenue at the checkout, as a well-timed, targeted discount coupon can reduce shopping cart abandonment. You can also use OptinMonster to show related products to visitors who have just completed a purchase, potentially increasing your income even further.

You can also improve conversions by segmenting your audience according to referral source, location, and even device. To do that, you’ll use Page-Level Targeting with Referral Detection, Geo-Location Targeting or Device-Based Targeting so that all your offers are super relevant to visitors and subscribers