OptinMonster’s advanced Display Rules include Referrer Detection so you can automatically track sources of web traffic. For more information on how to use this tool, go to: https://optinmonster.com/docs/how-to-…

This tool detects when visitors have followed one of your external marketing campaigns to land on your website, so you can create a new campaign targeted specifically to those visitors.

Creating more targeted offers and more relevant content is guaranteed to improve lead generation, customer acquisition, subscriber numbers, and sales.

Combine Referrer Detection with other Display Rules for even more fine-grained targeting, and get your visitors’ attention at the right time with our signature Exit Intent Technology.

Publishers and eCommerce Retailers use Referrer Detection to create targeted campaigns for their website visitors coming from specific traffic sources. This can include traffic coming from Facebook advertisements, Google Ads, Social Media pages like Twitter and Instagram, and more.

Publishers use Referrer Detection to target traffic coming from sources such as Guest Blog Posts, guests Podcast episodes, and more.

eCommerce Retailers use Referrer Detection to offer special coupons, discounts, and offers for website visitors coming from Pay Per Click Ads and other ad sources.