Did you know that two-thirds of customers prefer relevant offers? If you’re running promotions that are past their use-by date, then you risk increasing abandonment. That’s a big problem for eCommerce retailers and small businesses.

OptinMonster’s Campaign Scheduling feature detects users’ time zones so you can show holiday promotions and other time-sensitive campaigns to them at the right time.

Both eCommerce retailers and small businesses can benefit from this advanced targeting technology to run more effective, and higher-converting, campaigns.

For most eCommerce retailers, holiday promotions are a huge revenue driver, because the holidays are when most sales happen. But you don’t want to have to come back from vacation to make sure your holiday marketing campaigns are showing at the right time.

With OptinMonster’s Campaign Scheduling feature, you don’t have to.

You can schedule start and end times for campaigns, so your seasonal promotions always show at the right time. And you won’t need to worry about annoying customers with a popup at midnight, because you can set time zones so they see each promotion at the right time of day.

Worried about the effect of Daylight Savings Time or British/European Summer Time on your promotions? Clock changes are no problem with Campaign Scheduling. Just use the time zone rule to ensure customers see your holiday promotions at the right time, no matter where they are.

Use Campaign Scheduling to reduce the stress of holiday marketing campaigns, while increasing the revenue. Combine it with Page Level Targeting for even more advanced holiday campaign segmentation.