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OptinMonster makes it easy to create Lightbox popup campaigns. Lightbox popup campaigns are a great way to convert visitors into subscribers. Follow this guide to create a Lightbox popup campaign in just a few easy steps.

Popups are one of the best ways to grab your visitor’s attention, build your email list, and share a targeted ad message.

OptinMonster’s industry-leading lightbox popups allow you to deliver a targeted message at just the right time for maximum engagement. Lightbox popups are proven to work for email lead capture as well as increasing sales conversion. OptinMonster customers have seen their conversions increase by as much as 600%.

When you show a lightbox popup, visitors have to make a decision. There are no distractions because your other content fades into the background. That’s why lightbox campaigns convert so well. You can make your popups even more noticeable by combining it OptinMonster’s MonsterEffects – animations and sound effects.

Timing is everything to maximize the effectiveness of your popups. In fact, it’s just as important as the content itself.

If you trigger a popup at the wrong time, then you won’t get the results you want. Our modal window popups let you politely ask visitors to subscribe when they’re most likely to agree.