How to Enable Single-Optin for MailChimp in OptinMonster

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Most email marketing service providers frown upon single optins, but several do offer the option to enable it. MailChimp, one of the popular email service provider, allows you to enable single-optin by using their API. Since we already use the API to connect with MailChimp, several of our customers asked us to add the ability to disable double-optins and enable single-optin for MailChimp.

OptinMonster makes enabling single-optin for MailChimp a one-click process. To enable single-optin for MailChimp, follow this guide:

Step 1: Disable Double-Optin

Open your optin in the OptinMonster Builder, scroll down on the left to open the Integrations tab, and once you’ve connected your MailChimp integration you can deselect the Use double opt-in (recommended) option.

You can easily disable double opt-in for MailChimp in OptinMonster's Builder.

Finally, save your optin and that’s it!

Note: Double-optin for MailChimp can only be disabled when using our native integration. If you’re adding an HTML form with our Custom HTML Optin Form integration option, you cannot enable single-optin with MailChimp.

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