Add Pinterest Conversion Tracking Pixel

Are you wanting to add your Pinterest conversion tracking pixel in your popup? Then this is the guide for you!

Why Use the Pinterest Conversion Pixel?

A prime example of when to use the Pinterest Conversion Pixel with your optins is when you display an optin only if the visitor is referred from Pinterest. When that visitor successfully submits the optin, the Pinterest Conversion Pixel is fired.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through what you need to know to add your conversion pixel from Pinterest using the Success Triggered Scripts field in the optin builder.

IMPORTANT: If you’re using a Custom HTML integration or Canvas you must be certain to add the om-trigger-conversion class to the submit button field so OptinMonster knows when to fire the scripts inside the Success Triggered Scripts field. Learn more about using this class with the Custom HTML integration or Canvas.

How to Add the Pinterest Conversion Pixel

The following steps will walk you through adding the Pinterest Conversion Pixel code to your optin.

Step 1 – Create Conversion Tag

Login to your Pinterest Ads Manager account, then navigate to the Ads > Conversion tracking > Create Tag.

Pinterest Create Conversion Tag

Step 2 – Configure the Conversion Tag

Name your tag, select a conversion type (e.g. “Sign up”) and pick the timeframes for each Pinterest action (i.e. clicks, engagements and views).

Step 3 – Create Tag and Copy Code

Next, select the Create tag button. This will open a modal window providing you with the embed code for your new tag. Select the Copy code button.

Pinterest Embed Code

Step 4 – Paste the Conversion Pixel Code

Now that you have the Conversion Pixel embed code, navigate to your OptinMonster account and select a specific optin to edit that you wish to add the code to.

Once you’ve opened the optin builder, navigate to the Success panel and scroll down to the Success Triggered Scripts field. Paste the Conversion Pixel embed code into this field.

Enter any scripts that should be fired when your optin is successfully submitted into the Success Triggered Scripts field in the optin builder.

Step 5 – Save Optin

Finally, Save the optin and you’ve successfully added the Pinterest Conversion Pixel!

It’s a good idea to test the conversion you’re tracking to check if everything’s working. Your Pinterest Conversion Tag will be verified once you’ve gotten a conversion. It may take up to 24 hours for your Conversion Tag to be verified.

IMPORTANT: (If you use the same code on multiple pages, your report will show the sum of all those conversions). If you’re interested in tracking order value and quantity, set up your Pinterest Conversion tag to dynamically return those values. This is done from your Pinterest account.


Q: Does it matter what Success Action I have configured for my optin?

A: No. Regardless of the Success Action configured for your optin (e.g. close optin, redirect to another URL, etc.), the Conversion Pixel will be fired each time the optin is successfully submitted.

Q: Are there any legal requirements I need to be aware of when using the Pinterest Conversion Pixel on my site?

A: Yes! Please refer to Pinterest’s official guides for the most accurate legal information regarding the use of the Conversion Pixel on your website and within your optins: