How to Reposition the Slide-In Optin

You can easily reposition the Slide-In optin to the left side of the browser window using a single line of CSS.

html div#om-jk2jfc9zdulyv598 { right: auto !important; left: 20px !important; }


Repositioning the Slide-In optin to the left hand side of the browser is easy with a single line of CSS.

You can find your opening CSS declaration, which includes your optin’s slug, by going to your Optin Menu Tab, then scroll down to the CSS window.

Hovering over the Question Mark icon will show you the optin’s unique ID that you’ll want to use when writing the custom CSS.

The Custom CSS Slug is shown in the question mark icon's popup dialog window.

Just update the html div#om-jk2jfc9zdulyv598 selector in the example code at the top of this guide with your optin’s unique slug.

Don’t forget to save your optin. You should be good to go.