How to Integrate OptinMonster with WordPress

OptinMonster can work with any website. The best lead generation tool works on WordPress too! This guide will show you how you can integrate the power of OptinMonster into your WordPress site.

There are four main steps to add an optin to your website. Essentially:

  1. Create an Optin
  2. Enable the Optin
  3. Install/Activate the OptinMonster API Plugin
  4. Make Your Optin Live in WordPress
  5. FAQs

If you are an old customer of OptinMonster and you are migrating from the old WordPress plugin to the new OptinMonster App, please follow our migration guide first.

Step 1 – Create an Optin

This step is relatively easy. Check out this document on Creating Your First Optin if you haven’t created an optin yet.

Step 2 – Enable the Optin

When you create a new optin, it’s Paused by default.

Once you’ve finished configuring your optin and it’s ready to be displayed on your site, hover over the status bar in the top menu and choose Start Campaign.

You can toggle the optin's status from Paused to Live in the optin builder by selecting the Start Campaign button from the top toolbar.

Once your campaign is live you’ll see this status reflected in the top menu bar.

The status of your optin is displayed in the top toolbar of the optin builder as either Live or Paused.

Need to pause your campaign again? You can do that in the optin builder too; simply hover over the status bar again and this time choose Pause Campaign.

You can Pause your optin campaign within the builder by selecting the Pause Campaign button from the top toolbar.

Step 3 – Install/Activate the OptinMonster API Plugin

Next, install and activate the OptinMonster API plugin by following our documentation.

Step 4 – Make Your Optin Live in WordPress

Navigate to the WordPress Admin > OptinMonster > Optins tab view and select the Refresh Optins button to sync the optins from your OptinMonster account with the OptinMonster API plugin.

Select the Refresh Optins button to sync your optins to WordPress.

IMPORTANT: Anytime you add or delete an Optin in your OptinMonster account be sure to select the Refresh Optins button to sync your list of optins.

Next, select the Go Live link below the title of the specific optin you wish to enable on your site. The status of your optin will be displayed to the right of the optin title:

Any optin this is live in the OptinMonster plugin will display the Live status in the right side of the Optins tab view.

If you stop here, your optin’s embed code will be output throughout your entire site. You can then control where each optin has permission to load using the Display Rules in the optin builder.

SIDEBAR OPTINS: If you’re configuring Sidebar optins, be sure to add the OptinMonster widget following our Sidebar Widget guide to control where the optin is displayed on your site.
Page Level Targeting with the Output Settings (optional)

We recommend skipping this step altogether for most users.

NOTE: The Output Settings include optional Advanced page level targeting options. You can use these to more precisely control where the embed code for your optin is placed throughout the site. Be aware that it is not necessary to use these more Advanced options, most page level targeting can be achieved using the Display Rules options in the optin builder.

From the WordPress Admin > OptinMonster > Optins tab view you’ll see the Edit Output Settings link below the title of each optin.

Select the Edit Output Settings link to configure where your optin should appear on your site.

This will open the Output Settings screen. Within the Advanced Settings section you can configure more specific page targeting rules to control where the embed code is added through your site.

The Output Settings screen contains multiple options for controlling where the embed code for each optin is placed.

When finished, save your updates. You’re all done! You can now navigate to the front-end of your WordPress site and test your beautiful new optin!


Q: What domain do I enter when creating my optin?

A: When creating your optin you can add your site’s custom domain (the domain used to reach the front-end of your site) in the Setup > Optin Campaign Website section of the optin builder.

You can control which domains your optin is allowed to load on by adding them to the Optin Campaign Website field.

Q: I don’t see the option to install the OptinMonster API plugin on my site, why?

A: Unfortunately it’s not possible to use OptinMonster on sites at this time. All OptinMonster documentation for WordPress is for websites using the self-hosted version of WordPress.

Q: Can I manually place my inline type optins?

A: Yes! You can manually position inline optins on your WordPress site by following our guide: How to Manually Add an After Post or Inline Optin

Q: I only see the option to enable my optin in the Output Settings, why?

A: If your optin’s Output Settings show only an option to enable the optin on your site and no other configuration settings to target where it appears on your site, you’ve likely created a Sidebar optin, and this limited configuration view is normal.

You’ll want to enable the optin or set it to Live status, then add the OptinMonster widget in the WordPress Admin > Appearance > Widgets page to a widgetized section of your site.

Q: Can I use the Display Rules & the Output Setting’s Advanced Settings together?

A: Yes, these can be used in conjunction. If you plan to use both be aware of the following priority:

  1. Output Settings — The Output Settings control where the embed code for an individual optin is placed throughout your site. If the embed code is not present on a specific page the optin cannot load regardless of the Display Rules configured in the optin builder.
  2. Display Rules Configuration — The Display Rules configured in the optin builder control where the optin has permission to appear to visitors. The Display Rules only come into effect if the specific page contains the embed code for your optin.

We recommend you not configure any Advanced Output Settings options and instead use the Display Rules to page target your optins wherever possible.