How to Rename Your Optin

Sometimes it may be necessary to change the original name you gave your optin when first created. This is very simple to do from within the optin builder.

  1. Create or Modify an Optin
  2. Change the Optin Title

Step 1 – Create or Modify an Optin

Create a new optin or modify an existing optin from OptinMonster Dashboard. Open the OptinMonster Builder by selecting the Edit link.

Select the edit button from your Dashboard to edit an optin you've already created.

Step 2 – Change the Optin Title

Select the Setup tab in the optin builder if you’re not already viewing it.

Choose the Setup Tab when editing your optin to setup your optin.

In the Setup panel, change the Optin Campaign Title field to rename your optin.

Rename your optin in the Setup panel of the optin builder.

Save your optin and that’s it!