How to Duplicate an Optin

Whether you are wanting to create a duplicate optin to refresh your Google Analytics stats, or you want to run a different referral campaign, or some completely other reason, then this guide is for you.

Duplicating an optin is quite simple. It can be achieved technically in one step, but we will also show you how to rename an optin too.

  1. Duplicate the Optin
  2. Rename the Optin

Step 1 – Duplicate the Optin

After you log into your account, then you should be on your dashboard of optins. Click the downward arrow beside the optin you want to duplicate and you should get a box of options showing up.


Click the Duplicate button to duplicate your optin.

If you did this correctly, your next screen should show your duplicate optin.


Now, you are all done. Your optin has been duplicated. But you likely want to rename your optin. Let’s see how you can do that.

Step 2 – Rename the Optin

From the OptinMonster Dashboard, select the Edit button beside your duplicated optin.

Select the edit button from your Dashboard to edit an optin you've already created.

This will open the optin builder for that optin. Within the Setup panel you can edit the name of the newly duplicated optin in the Optin Campaign Title field.

Within the Setup panel of the optin builder you can quickly edit the title of your optin campaign.

Save the changes to your optin, and that’s it, you’ve successfully duplicated an optin and renamed it!

Did you know you can easily split-test optins with OptinMonster? Split-testing can help you increase conversions. Check out our documentation to learn how to split test your optins.