How to Disable the Powered by OptinMonster Link

Looking for a way to disable the Powered by OptinMonster link below your optin? It’s very simple to disable this option when editing your optin.

  1. Create or Modify an Optin
  2. Disable the Powered By OptinMonster Link
  3. FAQs

Step 1 – Create or Modify an Optin

Create a new optin or modify an existing optin from OptinMonster Dashboard. Open the OptinMonster Builder by selecting the Edit link.

Select the edit button from your Dashboard to edit an optin you've already created.

Step 2 – Disable the Powered By OptinMonster Link

In the optin builder, select the Setup tab.

Choose the Setup Tab when editing your optin to setup your optin.

From within the Setup panel, disable the Display Powered By Link option.

Disable the Powered by OptinMonster Link option in the Setup panel of the optin builder.

Be sure to save your optin and you’ve successfully disabled the Powered by OptinMonster link!


Q: Do I need a minimum subscription to disable the Powered By link?

A: No! You are not required to display the ‘Powered by OptinMonster’ link under any circumstances. You can disable the link with any subscription level.

Q: Why would I want to show the Powered by OptinMonster link?

A: If you’re an OptinMonster Affiliate you might want to send traffic to OptinMonster from your site to earn an affiliate credit. Learn how to add your affiliate link to the ‘Powered by OptinMonster’ link.

Q: I see OptinMonster wording when my Slide-in is minimized. How do I change that?

A: You can edit the text that appears when your Slide-In optin is minimized by selecting the close icon in the optin builder to minimize the optin, then direct-select the text to edit it. Also, see our documentation under step 2 here for details about this: