How to Add a Privacy Policy?

Do you want to add a privacy policy or a “We do not spam!” statement? Are you wanting to display this on your optin form?

This guide will show you how you can connect to your privacy statement right on your optin form, whereby you can give confidence to your website visitors and also meet any laws that your country may enforce.

Check out the steps below to add a privacy statement to your optin.

Step 1 – Edit Your Optin

If you need to create an optin first, then go ahead and follow our guide to Creating Your First Optin.

Otherwise, go to your Dashboard and click Edit, as shown below.

Select the edit button from your Dashboard to edit an optin you've already created.

After you have opened the Builder for your optin, select Optin tab on the left.

Select the Optin tab in the builder to configure your optin.

Then scroll down within the Optin panel until you see the Privacy Statement section. Select the toggle to turn the privacy statement on.

Toggle the Privacy Statement option to enable the appearance of a privacy statement below your optin form.

Once enabled you’ll see the default Privacy Statement text below the optin form.

Once enabled your optin will show a default Privacy Statement text which can be edited.

Step 2 –  Edit Your Privacy Statement

To edit the text, click the text on the optin and edit the sentence as you deem fit.

To change the Privacy Statement text, select the text in the optin builder.

You can add a link to your privacy policy or anti-spam policy by highlighting the desired text and clicking the standard chainlink icon to add a hyperlink.

You can link to your site's privacy policy in the Privacy Statement text using the text editor.

With your advanced options for a hyperlink set, you are all set.

Once you've added your link you'll see the text hyperlinked in the preview of your optin.

As you can clearly see, the privacy statement is added and your optin is ready for conversions!

Don’t forget to split-test your privacy statements to see if your wording helps (or hurts!) your conversion rate.