Do you need expertly designed
and optimized campaigns
for Black Friday and Cyber Monday,
but don’t have the time or expertise to do it yourself?

Now you can partner with the conversion experts at OptinMonster VIP to grow your list, leads and sales this holiday season without dedicating hours of your precious time learning how to build, target and schedule elegant, high-converting OptinMonster campaigns!

The OptinMonster VIP team has decades of experience marketing online and has crafted THOUSANDS of OptinMonster campaigns.


And now they’re available to ensure your Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales maximize their revenue potential. They'll make your OptinMonster holiday campaigns look awesome, and produce great results, too!


For just $1499 USD, our VIP team will listen to your goals and challenges, then produce SIX eye-catching, OptinMonster campaigns using our pre-designed holiday templates optimized to produce specific results...


The six campaigns include each of the following campaigns:


Scheduled to start and end on Black Friday:

(1) Exit-Intent Popup with Countdown Timer to capture abandoning visitors
(1) Floating Bar with Countdown Timer to direct visitors to your special offer
(1) Slide In to politely remind visitors of your offer as they browse.

Scheduled to start and end on Cyber Monday:

(1) Exit-Intent Popup with Countdown Timer to capture abandoning visitors
(1) Floating Bar with Countdown Timer to direct visitors to your special offer
(1) Slide In to politely remind visitors of your offer as they browse.


All while you sit back and relax!


To get started, simply complete the request form to the right, and we'll get to work on your VIP Holiday Bundle today!

Thomas Griffin
OptinMonster, Co-Founder

VIP Holiday Bundle

1About You

OptinMonster VIP FAQ's

Is your Holiday Bundle a good fit for me?YES, if you have a specific compelling offer or discount you’d like to share over the holidays.
YES, if you know the value these campaigns represent, but don’t have the energy or time to set them up yourself.
YES, if you have enough time to review the campaigns we create within one day of their completion.

What is the turnaround time?We will work quickly to deliver the first concept within 1-2 business days. All campaigns must be finalized by Tuesday, November 23, 2021 at 5PM, so before you purchase, check your calendar to be sure you can commit to reviewing and publishing your campaigns before that time. We want to ensure they are finished and scheduled before Cyber Monday and Black Friday so you can sit back and relax!

Can you create X, Y, Z in my campaign?One of the reasons we can offer this quick service at this low cost is because we're utilizing our existing, predesigned templates, rather than creating entirely custom campaigns. If you'd like an entirely custom campaign, please purchase a VIP campaign here.

If you need custom animation, a lead magnet, or a sweet cinnamon roll, we can point you in the right direction but we won't be able to create those for you. If you want to be sure we can fulfill your request before purchasing a campaign, reach out to Support.

Unfortunately, we cannot create the following assets for use in your campaign, but if you have them already, we are happy to use them:

🟡 Video or Motion Graphics
🟡 Complex Animation
🟡 Extremely complex or fine art illustrations
🟡 Photoshop art or complex photo manipulation
🟡 Generating or managing bar codes or QR codes
🟡 Writing or producing lead magnets
🟡 Writing or producing welcome emails

Also, keep in mind that the features and solutions we're able to use are those included in your current subscription. If you'd like a solution not available in your plan, you will need to upgrade to gain access to that feature before we can utilize it in your campaign.

Scheduling OptinMonster campaigns, and utilizing countdown timers to increase urgency require at least OptinMonster Pro.

How many revisions do I get?Our goal is to complete your campaign in no more than two rounds of revisions. Be sure to give as much detail as possible when submitting your campaign request to equip us to build your campaign right the first time!

Can you guarantee I'll get loads of conversions from this campaign? An average campaign converts between 1.5% and 3%. How well a campaign converts includes many factors like the volume and quality of traffic coming to your site, and where your visitor is in the process of considering your offer. While we can't guarantee a specific conversion % as a result, we do promise your campaign will be expertly crafted to match your business goals and work flawlessly.

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