How to Disable the Welcome Email in MailChimp

When using either our native MailChimp or Custom HTML integration, you can enable or disable the Welcome Email directly from your MailChimp account.


Q: Does this same method work to disable the Welcome Email if I’m using a Custom HTML integration?

A: Yes! This same guide works to disable the Welcome Email when using our Custom HTML integration option.

Q: I haven’t disabled the Welcome Email for my MailChimp integration, but when testing my form I don’t receive a Welcome Email. Why?

A: There are typically two possible causes for this issue:

  1. When test-submitting your campaign be sure to use an email address not currently or previously associated with your MailChimp account for the most accurate results. MailChimp may treat account or previously-subscribed email addresses differently.
  2. Check that your campaign is using Double Opt-In. If you’ve disabled Double Opt-In you will need to setup an automation workflow in MailChimp that sends an email once someone subscribes to your list.