How to Create OptinMonster Event Goals in Google Analytics

OptinMonster already makes it easy to connect your optin to Google Analytics to track impressions and conversions. Follow this guide to learn how to further leverage Google Analytics to create and track event goals!

IMPORTANT: This guide will help you get started creating Google Analytics Goals with OptinMonster, however it’s important you customize the goal for your own specific needs to be sure it’s providing value to your analytics. Due to the custom nature of your specific Google Analytics Goals, we’re not able to provide support in setting up or troubleshooting Goals.

OptinMonster Events in Google Analytics

Normally when you want to track a goal in Google Analytics, you must first setup some code to track a specific event. With OptinMonster, we take care of this for you.

To get started tracking impressions and conversions as events in your Google Analytics account, follow our guide to connecting Google Analytics to your optins.

NOTE: When first connecting your optin to Google Analytics, there is an initial delay of 24-48 hours before stats will appear in your OptinMonster account. Following this delay, stats are cached ~6 hours. To access stats in real time you’ll need to access your Google Analytics account and use their Real Time feature.

Creating Your Goal in Google Analytics

Now that your optin is connected to Google Analytics, it will automatically begin tracking impression and conversion events. It’s time to start creating an Event Goal!

Step 1 – Log into Google Analytics

First, log into your Google Analytics account and navigate to the Admin.

Navigate to the Admin of your Google Analytics account to begin creating an event goal.

Step 2 – Select the Account & Property

Once in the Admin screen, select the Account and Property you want to create an Event Goal with.

IMPORTANT: The Property you select must match the Property set to track stats for your optin in the Analytics panel of the optin builder.

Select the correct Account and Property for your Google Analytics account.

Step 3 – Create a Goal

Next, navigate to the Goals section of the Admin for this Property. If you’ve created any Goals you’ll see them here, if you haven’t yet created any you’ll have the chance to create a new Goal in this screen.

Select Goals in the Admin of your Google Analytics account.

From this screen, select the + New Goal button to create a new Goal.

Select the New Goal button to create a new Google Analytics Goal.

Under Goal Setup, choose Custom, then select the Continue button.

Create a Custom Goal in Google Analytics.

Next, enter a Goal description – this will appear in the Goals screen for you to easily identify your specific goal later on.

Enter a Goal description to identify your goal later on in Google Analytics.

Then select the Continue button.

Once you give your goal a description, select the Continue button.

Google Analytics will ask you for the specifics of your Event Goal. In this example, we’re going to track the conversion event for a specific optin.

We do this by setting the event Action as ‘Equals to’ conversion, and the event Label as ‘Equals to’ 331002. Your own event Label should match the ID of your specific optin.

Enter details of the specific event you want to track in Google Analytics.

Unsure where to find the ID of your optin? Open your optin in the builder and you’ll see the ID in the URL:

You can grab the optin ID from the URL in your browser when editing your optin.

Finally, select the Save button to finish your event goal.

Once you've configured your Goal, select the Save button to finish the setup.

Step 4 – Enable Goal Recording

Once you Save your new Goal, you’ll be returned to the Goals screen in your Google Analytics Admin. The last step to complete before your Goal will begin tracking is to turn on Recording:

Enable Recording for your new Event Goal In Google Analytics.

That’s it, you’ve successfully created an Event Goal in Google Analytics!


Q: Do I have to configure my Goal as outlined in this guide?

A: No! Consider this a starter-guide to help you get familiar and comfortable creating your first Goal. In fact, you’ll want to customize your Goals to fit your specific needs so this guide may not cover the specific Goal you end up creating in your own Google Analytics account.

Q: Can I enter the Title of my optin instead of the Optin ID?

A: Yes, if grabbing the Optin ID doesn’t fit your workflow, you can enter the Title of your optin as the event Category instead.

IMPORTANT: If you use the Title of your optin in the setup of your event goal, it is imperative that your optin’s Title not change in the future. In the main steps of this guide we recommend using the Optin ID because this will never change for your individual optin.

Q: Can I track my optin’s impression events instead of conversions?

A: Yes! Simply change ‘conversion’ to ‘impression’ for the event Action when configuring your goal.