How to Permanently Delete Images from your OptinMonster Account

While you can easily remove an image from any optin by selecting the ‘Remove’ button in the optin builder’s preview, you can also permanently delete images from your OptinMonster account by following this guide.

IMPORTANT NOTE: this action is permanent – deleted images cannot be recovered under any circumstances. Use with caution.
  1. Edit an Optin
  2. Modify the Optin Image
  3. Permanently Delete Image

Step 1 – Edit an Optin

Log into your OptinMonster account and select an existing optin which contains an image field to edit.

Select the edit button from your Dashboard to edit an optin you've already created.

Step 2 – Modify the Optin Image

Next, in the optin builder select the Modify button on the image.

Select the Modify button on an image to change the current optin image.

A lightbox will appear containing all the images you’ve uploaded to your account.

Step 3 – Permanently Delete Image

Select the image you want to delete, and finally select the Delete button to remove the image permanently from your OptinMonster account.

Select the Delete button in the image management lightbox to remove it permanently from your OptinMonster account.

That’s it, you’ve now deleted the image from your OptinMonster account!

Did you know we provide a guide to optimizing images for your optins you can easily reference when adding new images to your OptinMonster account?