How to Create a Sidebar Widget Optin in WordPress

With OptinMonster, you can create a WordPress sidebar widget optin in just a few easy steps. Make sure you have an OptinMonster Plus or Pro subscription before we begin.

  1. Create a New Optin Campaign
  2. Design your Optin
  3. Start the Campaign
  4. Go Live in the OptinMonster Plugin
  5. Add the OptinMonster Widget
  6. FAQs

Also, if you haven’t reviewed the general process for creating an optin, we encourage you to check out our Creating Your First Optin documentation.

Step 1 – Create a New Sidebar Widget Optin Campaign

From your OptinMonster Dashboard, you need to click the Create New Optin button.

Select the Create New Optin button from your OptinMonster Dashboard to begin creating your optin.

On the next screen, you’ll be prompted to do the following:

  1. Optin Campaign Title: Give your Optin Campaign a Title.
  2. Website: Select the Website you’re creating your optin for or add a new website.
  3. Select Your Design: Select your optin type. In this case, select the Sidebar design.
  4. Select the Template you wish to use.

Creating a Sidebar optin.

As time goes on, more templates for the sidebar optin will be developed. For now, select the Action Template by clicking Use this Template on the bottom of the template.

Note: you can change the template for your optin in the builder at any time from inside the Optin panel.

Step 2 – Design Your Sidebar Widget Optin

The next step is to design your sidebar optin according to the steps in Creating Your First Optin.

Configure your Sidebar optin in the builder.

When you are finished, be sure to save your optin and congratulations, you’ve created your sidebar optin!

Step 3 – Start the Campaign

When you create a new optin, it’s Paused by default.

Once you’ve finished configuring your optin and it’s ready to be displayed on your site, hover over the status bar in the top menu and choose Start Campaign.

You can toggle the optin's status from Paused to Live in the optin builder by selecting the Start Campaign button from the top toolbar.

Once your campaign is live you’ll see this status reflected in the top menu bar.

The status of your optin is displayed in the top toolbar of the optin builder as either Live or Paused.

Need to pause your campaign again? You can do that in the optin builder too; simply hover over the status bar again and this time choose Pause Campaign.

You can Pause your optin campaign within the builder by selecting the Pause Campaign button from the top toolbar.

Step 4 – Go Live in the OptinMonster Plugin

The next step is to navigate to the WordPress Admin > OptinMonster > Optins tab view. Select the Refresh Optins button to sync your new Sidebar optin with your WordPress site. Once that is complete you can now select the Go Live link below the name of your Sidebar optin. You’ll see your optin listed as Live once this is complete:

Any optin this is live in the OptinMonster plugin will display the Live status in the right side of the Optins tab view.

Not using WordPress? You can still embed Sidebar optins on your site by manually placing the embed code in the page where you want the optin to appear.

Step 5 – Add the OptinMonster Widget

The final step in displaying your sidebar optin is adding the OptinMonster Widget to a widget section in your WordPress admin.

You can add your Sidebar optin to your site using the OptinMonster widget in WordPress.

That’s it, you’ve successfully created and added a Sidebar Widget optin to your WordPress site!


Q: I don’t have a WordPress site, can I still create/use Sidebar optins?

A: Yes! If your site is not powered by WordPress the only step that changes is how you add the optin to your site. Copy/paste the embed code for your optin into your site where you want the optin to appear.

The optin will load inline on the page where you place the embed code so be sure you’ve added it exactly where you want your optin to appear. That’s it!

Q: How do I control where my Sidebar optin loads in WordPress?

A: We recommend using a plugin like one of the following to control where the OptinMonster widget appears on your site: