How to Connect OptinMonster with MailPoet (Wysija)

OptinMonster offer seamless integration with MailPoet (Wysija) email marketing plugin for WordPress. Connecting OptinMonster to your MailPoet email list is very easy. Follow our step by step guide on how to connect OptinMonster with your MailPoet account.

  1. Integrations Tab
  2. Install the MailPoet WordPress Plugin
  3. Save Leads to MailPoet
  4. Frequently Asked Questions
NOTE: Even though OptinMonster now allows leads to go to multiple Email Service Providers, that is not an option if you decide to use MailPoet. The current method for sending optin leads to MailPoet prohibits any leads from going to another Email Service Provider. Enabling Save Lead to MailPoet for one optin affects all other optins on that site. If you wish to have a backup list for your leads, you may consider sending them to a Google Sheet via Zapier.

Step 1 – Integrations Tab

In the optin builder, select the Integrations tab to view the Integrations panel.

Select the Integrations tab in the optin builder to begin connecting your Email Service Provider to OptinMonster.

If this is your first time connecting an integration to your optin you’ll see a “New Integration” item in the Integrations panel of the builder. Select that to begin configuring your integration.

Select the New Integration item to begin connecting your Email Provider to OptinMonster.

Next, choose any option other than Custom HTML for your integration. If you wish to add subscribers to MailPoet exclusively, leave the default ‘Select your account…‘ option selected as shown below.

Select the Email Provider from the dropdown list to begin connecting them to your OptinMonster optin.

Step 2 – Install the MailPoet WordPress Plugin

If you haven’t already, be sure to install and activate the MailPoet (Wysija) WordPress plugin.

Step 3 – Save Leads to MailPoet

Next, navigate to your WordPress Admin > OptinMonster > Optins tab to see your available optins. Hover over the optin you wish to save leads to MailPoet and select the Edit link.

On the next screen, scroll to the bottom of the page to enable the Save Leads to MailPoet? option and select the MailPoet List you wish to add subscribers to.

Enable Save to MailPoet and select the List to add new subscribers to in the optin Output Settings screen.

That’s all, you have successfully connected your OptinMonster optin to MailPoet!


Q: Do I need to use the OptinMonster API plugin to subscribe leads to MailPoet?

A: Yes! It’s not possible to subscribe leads to MailPoet using OptinMonster without the OptinMonster API plugin to control where on your site your optin loads.

Q: Is it possible for me to add a Phone Field to my optin?

A: Yes! You can add a phone field. Check out How to Capture Phone Numbers with OptinMonster here.