How the OptinMonster API Key Works with WordPress

You’ve got your WordPress API plugin connected with your API key, but you are wondering, “How does the OptinMonster API actually work with WordPress?”

That’s a great question that we’ll answer right now.

The API key can be found under the API menu in your OptinMonster Dashboard.

OptinMonster API Screen

The API key is needed to pair your OptinMonster account with your WordPress account(s). If you need help installing your OptinMonster WordPress API plugin, then you can follow this guide.

Great, after following the guide above, you have successfully installed the API key onto your website. But you have some other questions, let’s review.

Common Questions

1. Do I need multiple API keys for all my sites? What about client sites?

No. One API key works for all your WordPress sites, since optins are assigned to only a certain site(s). Therefore the plugin will only pull down the appropriate optins for that site.

If OptinMonster is installed on a client site that you manage 100%, then when you install the plugin and connect the API, the client will not be able to see the key. Therefore the confidentiality of your API key is secure.

2. When should I use the “Regenerate API” button?

This feature should typically be used only if you lose control of your website due to a hack, malware, or if someone somehow has gotten unauthorized access to your site or API key.

If you simply are having problems initially connecting to your WordPress site, contact support first. The problem is probably not your API key.

3. What happens if I regenerate my API key? Do I have to update all my WordPress sites?

Yes. If you click “Regenerate API”, then you will have to go to each site that is using the key and enter in the new API information.