Getting Started with OptinMonster Checklist

To get the most out of OptinMonster, we’ve put together the following checklist to guide you through creating your first optin campaign.

Using WordPress? Please follow our WordPress-specific Getting Started checklist instead.
  1. Create your first optin.
  2. Connect your optin to Google Analytics so you can immediately track impressions and conversions – Note: this step is required for access to any optin statistics.
  3. To embed the optin on your site, we provide a number of guides for popular platforms, or you can refer to our General Guide.
  4. Optional: you can target which pages of your site to show the optin on using our Page Targeting tool in the optin builder.


When you’re ready to take your campaign to the next level:

  • Split-Testing your campaign helps you improve conversions by testing different colors, copy, configuration settings and more.
  • Page Level Targeting: For more advanced page targeting you can use Google Tag Manager to control when and where on your site the campaign appears.
  • Cookie Configuration: OptinMonster makes it easy to set both individual and global cookies, controlling how often visitors see your optin.
  • MonsterLinks: You can show your optin with the click of a link or button on your site with MonsterLinks.
  • Downloadable File Delivery: There are many ways you can deliver downloadable content when using OptinMonster.
  • Yes/No Optins: If you don’t want to collect email addresses you can easily the default form to a yes/no optin instead.
  • Privacy Policy: Add a privacy policy to your optin.
  • Mobile: Create a mobile optin to show to mobile visitors.
    Note: mobile options require a Pro subscription.

Have any questions about using OptinMonster? Check out our FAQ or submit a support request.