How to use OptinMonster with WordPress Multi-Site

A multi-site setup to handle different sub-organizations within a larger organization is becoming the ideal way to manage organizational websites. Perhaps your school has multiple departments, your company has different divisions, or your blog has vastly different audiences. No matter the reason for using multi-site, OptinMonster can help you generate leads across your different sites. In ... Continue Reading →

How to Create a WordPress Popup for Mobile Devices

Creating a WordPress popup for mobile devices is a heavily sought after feature in today’s world. With the increase of mobile devices —from phones, tablets, and phablets — the odds of someone viewing your website from a mobile device is ever-increasing. With OptinMonster, you can create a WordPress popup for mobile devices in just a ... Continue Reading →

How to add CSS Effects to Your WordPress Popup

Having custom CSS Effects on your Popup in WordPress will help catch your visitor’s eye and can help increase conversions. With an OptinMonster Pro License, you can add effects to your lightbox like the one below: Click Here to See Effects + Canvas in Action! In this walkthrough, you will learn how you can add ... Continue Reading →